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Tea Master of the Urasenke School
Kimono Maker

Chizuko Kimura was born in Mie Prefecture and when she was seven years old her parents moved the family to Kyoto.

Today Kyoto is today a modern bustling city of around 1.5 million inhabitants and the main cultural city of Japan with around 2,000 temples and shrines, but in the past it was the capital of the entire country. Traditional cultures such as the tea ceremony, maiko and geisha and women in kimonos are more in evidence here than any other city in modern Japan.

Chizuko Kimura lived in the beautiful city of Kyoto until coming to England in 1991 and now regards London as her home.


Higher Education
Tezukayama University, Nara

Highest grade of Kimono Making Certificate
Tea Ceremony Masters Certificate

Self employed making kimonos for private clients in Kyoto

Tea Ceremony
Studied tea ceremony at the Urasenke School, Kyoto; obtained Tea Ceremony Certificate and achieved the Title of ‘Tea Master’ then performed the tea ceremony annually at the Honenin Temple in Kyoto

United Kingdom
After coming to London in 1991 Chizuko registered at the Japanese Embassy as a kimono maker, demonstrator of how to wear the kimono and Tea Master from the Urasenke School, Kyoto and is also listed on The Japan Society website. She has given numerous Tea Ceremony and Kitsuke (kimono dressing) performances at venues throughout the UK including;

- International Students House in Great Portland Street, London
- Ingrestre Road Community Centre, Kentish Town, London
- St Thomas More School, Chelsea, London
- ‘Gigei’ at the Solihull Arts Complex, Solihull, West Midlands
- Japan Festival, Blackburn Museum, Blackburn, Lancashire
- Birmingham’s Japan Week at the Museum and Art Gallery.
- Scottish Japanese Consulate for 150 invited guests at the George Hotel in Edinburgh
- SOAS at Sotheby's Education Studies Institute
- Fortnum & Mason’s pre Christmas ‘valued customer’ sales evening
- ‘ITV Morning Show’, for Granada Television at a Japanese restaurant in London
- Churchill House School, Ramsgate, Kent
- Sky Television ‘Travel Channel’ at Thames Television Studios, Teddington
- Japanese Festival in Cornwall
- Japanese Cultural weekend at Pleasure Island, Liverpool
- North Westminster's ‘Orient Expressions’ week, London
- Holiday Inn’s 40th Birthday at the Royal Albert Hall hosted by actor Robert Lindsay

Chizuko Kimura gives private Tea Ceremony lessons for clients, please contact for details

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